Wednesday, August 24, 2011

P90X2-----> BOOYAH!

 Who's ready for a challenge? If you've done P90X before and want to know what the next step is... Well look no further!

P90X2 took the same model of periodization training used in P90X and gave it an overhaul. Oh...and punched it in the nose. P.A.P. or Post Activation Potentiation is a training method that has the athlete lifting heavy weight prior to explosive activity. This gives the athlete the ability to jump higher, run faster, and lift more weight then your standard training program.

Training for sport. Most of us train just to be able to look better in a bathing suit. Some train so they can feel better about themselves. Whether you play a sport or not, how would you like to be able say you can next time someone invites you to play a pickup game of football/basketball/baseball...tag? Why would people ask you to play you ask? Because you'll look like you can.

The diet guide is another thing that has been scrutinized by many an expert and now has options for gluten-free, vegans, vegetarians , paleolithic, and pescatarian to name a few. Amazing, I know.

Don't forget that no matter how hard you work out, you'll only achieve the best results by making smarter choices in the kitchen. Need some help? Start with replacing one of your meals with Shakeology. The best tasting, best for you meal replacement shake out on the market. No risk involved! You don't like it or don't think it worked for you, then you can return the EMPTY bag for a full refund (minus s&h). And the price is equivalent to about 4 bucks a day. Skip one fast food stop and you'll be fine.

You're reading that right. You can also get it in Blu-Ray. This is a Beachbody first and just like any other DVD, gives you greater access to the program.

Pre-orders for P90X2 open from September 1st-4th. Reserve your copy then so you can have it by December 25th or sooner. If you wait any longer to order, you'll be put on a back log with everyone else who didn't jump on the opportunity. If you are already working with a Team Beachbody Coach then you should order through them. If you don't currently have a coach, then you can submit your pre-orders through me by clicking here and click on the Shop For Products link and choose P90X2. You won't be sorry. Only fit.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Need A Metabolism Boost?

Most people think that if they want to lose weight that they need to cut down their calorie intake in half and eliminate all carbs. That's stupid. Not only are you actually storing more fat that way, you're not providing your body enough calories to function properly. You should actually eat more!

The trick is to eat about 5-6 small meals a day and drink lots of water. People get too tied up into thinking about how hard it would be to change your eating habits but fail to realize how easy it is once you get started. My typical day of eating breaks down like this:


Just by eating every 3 hours like this, my metabolism is burning through calories just to keep up. The best part is when you incorporate exercise, you actually get to eat more. Your body needs calories for energy and when you take those calories away, you won't have any. I try to eat about 2500-3000 calories a day. That breaks down to about 400-500 calories a meal and when you're eating as many meals as I do, you're usually not feeling too hungry.

Next post will be about what kind of foods you should be eating so look out for the next one! Have a good day.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Finding Motivation

One of the things that I enjoy most about being a Team Beachbody Coach is the ability to interact and connect with people in a positive way. I am surrounded by individuals who have goals and are not letting excuses get in their way. Not only that, but they all have nothing but supportive things to say and inspirational stories to share to help others achieve their goals as well.

It's about motivation people. Find it and you too can do great things. Whether it involves health and fitness, home projects, or career moves, all you need is the right support group to help you get there. Being a part of this company has helped me more then just financially; I've made some fantastic friendships that I now consider more "family" then friend. (L.A.- it's not thaaattt far away)

I want to end with a brief story about someone who I find a daily inspiration for me when it comes to over-coming fitness struggles. A family member of mine, Karen Rossler, is a cancer survivor. She has gone through some horrible pain and downfalls that goes along with that. She grew an interest in fitness to rebuild her strength, her body, her life. She chose kettle bells as her tool to make that happen. Every day going through another painful workout. Fighting through blood and tears she kept at it. There were times that she wanted to give up and crawl herself into a hole and let the whole world collapse on top of her. What did she do? She showed up, day after day, and fought.

Her strength increased and her body grew stronger. She not only survived but she whooped cancer in the ASS! She has since gotten her training certification and has started to do personal training as her main occupation. Yep... She was able to quit her job and do something she is passionate about. She is truly an amazing woman and I am so blessed to be able to share her story. If you're in the D.C. area and are looking for a gut busting workout, seek her out. You can find her on Facebook (Karen Kuester Rossler).

If you're looking for someone to let you continue on with allowing you to let your excuses win every time, we're not it. If you ARE looking for motivation, I'm right here.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Holy Guacamole!

Just finished the second DVD in the Insanity the Asylum workout. I have found a new-found respect for the pull-up bar and a pair of 10lb dumbbells. You read that right. Only 10lbs in each hand whooped, my, keester.

In this small section of the warehouse attached to my office is where I'll be doing my workouts during lunch from now on. It's hot, concrete (note to self: buy more exercise grid mats), and just the dungeonesque setting to take my fitness to the next level.

Back to the 10lb dumbbells...There's a few exercises that I could have gone heavier on the weight, but it was only a few and I would be worried my form would slip. Most important with these workouts is making sure you keep that core tight and maintain proper form. 10lbs is all you need.

After trying these workouts last week to learn the moves and try to understand exactly how and when and where to hurl myself into the next gut-busting position I felt better prepared to go as hard as I could (safely) and get in one killer workout.

I may not be training for anything specific with all of these sports focused moves, but each time I do one of these Asylum workouts I feel like I'm getting closer to that athlete I was in the years gone by. Cool thing about it is, I could be close to it by the time this program is 30 days. Think you're ready to try it out? Click here

Don't forget to sign up as a Free Member and get all of the tips and advice on health and wellness from a whole community of people doing the same thing- You're not alone.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Insanity the Asylum

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've posted anything due to some crazy schedules, however I'm back at it with a new challenge: Insanity the Asylum


This workout takes Insanity to the next level when you never thought it could be any harder. Shaun T adds two very basic tools to the mix: a speed rope and agility ladder. I'm currently in a love/hate relationship with those two items, but I'm learning to appreciate what they are giving me.

This workout is not for those who are just starting out with fitness. This is for those who already have a solid foundation in exercising. For example...if you're only used to walking around the neighborhood, then this isn't for you just yet. On the other hand, if you have completed a few Cross-Fit workouts, then you might be able to at least show up. (I may get a few haters out there on that last one, but I promise you if you come try this workout and do it right, you'll soon understand what it's like to have Shaun T zero-ing on you to reach new heights)

This past week I tried a few of the workouts and I'm left only wanting more. This Monday starts my 1st round of Asylum and I can't wait to experience the shalacking for the next 30 days. Feel free to check in on me over the next month to read up on how I'm doing or just to bust my chops and push me harder.

Thanks for reading this and God bless.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Healthy Eating???

I will be the first to admit that I am probably the pickiest eater on the planet. If I could live off of Mac and cheese, pizza, Reese's peanut butter cups, and a lifetime supply of hot pockets, I would. As a matter of fact, I did for a while. It was great too! Well, until I was out of breath by just bending over to tie my shoes or noticed that the front of my pants had a permanent outward bevel because the waistline was stretched to max capacity. I love those foods, which is why it is STILL incredibly hard for me to not go back to it all the time, but I don't. I don't because I know I have a workout planned at the end of the day and my entire day's worth of eating will determine how hard I'll be able to push. Since I'm trying to do better then I did last time, I'd better eat right. Same goes with the alcohol. There is no way that you'll find me doing switch kicks and jump knee tucks, to push up jacks if I'd toss the sauce earlier in the day.

Many of you have similar goals as I do regarding your health and fitness. I knew that my intensity level was going to be there when I worked out so my "weakness" came to foods. Tony Horton talks about focusing on your weaknesses over your strengths because you'll get nowhere if you only work on what you're already good at. I could get stronger and leaner as I continue to workout but if I'm not eating right, then I'm still going to have the same clogged arteries and chest pains I used to get. And I just can't have that anymore.

So now I'm making smarter decisions. I'm planning my meals and my workouts down to the hour that I do them with just a little flexibility to move around. Plan your day like I do and it will do wonders to how much you get accomplished. Don't feel intimidated by this at all. It seems hard, but it truly is better for you. Besides, what have you got to lose?

If you'd like help in getting started you can email me at
Don't be afraid to take charge of your life.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breakin' Personal Bests!

Last night had me face to face with the dreaded P90X Legs and Back workout. With most P90X schedules, the Legs and Back routine is something you do 10 times throughout the 90 day process. All I gotta say is... I crushed it last night. I cannot recall a time when I had ever done better on my form, number of reps of the variations of pull-ups, or that damn wall sit. Every single one of my pull-up numbers went up by almost double, FROM LAST WEEK! I don't know what it was that made last night special or different but it felt good. I woke up today feeling awesome for what I had accomplished.

For most of you, it's hard to imagine yourself getting excited about a workout or what "healthier" food you're going to swap out for the junk you were eating. It was so weird for me before all of this, that I didn't imagine it at all. I was content coming home and downing a bag of chips and dip. I was alright with the fact that I was too busy with family, work, and school schedules. I also WAS fat, had no energy, and ate junk food like it was an Olympic event. Then...
...I started jiggling when I'd brush my teeth (it sucked by I didn't care)
...I was feeling out of breath from bending over and tying my shoe (it was a shocker but not a game changer)
...All of my jeans started to bevel out front (that one actually made me laugh<---not so much now)

It started to hit me when...
...I'd tell my daughter who I hadn't seen all day that I couldn't play because I was tired and didn't feel good, because I truthfully didn't feel good (it made me feel like such a horrible dad)
...Stopped caring what the house looked like because I was too lazy to help clean up around the house (made me feel like a worthless individual)
...Noticed that even though I knew my wife loves me no matter what I looked like, she wasn't liking what she was seeing out of me (do I even need to say what that made me feel like?)

It's easy to fall into ruts and feel like that no matter what you do, nothings ever going to change. It's easy to give up. Fortunately I found a group of folks who were willing to help and listen to me whine and complain about changing what I ate and making all sorts of excuses about the workouts. They listened. They helped. They showed a genuine interest in showing me that it is possible to reach the goals that I had set for myself.

If you or someone you know is looking for someone to help you/them as they make these changes in their lives, leave a comment or email me.

Have a good day!